AA Matting Solutions provides a very wide range of entry mats to suit your application. AA Group finds that each customer has a slightly different problem that they are working to solve. AA Group prides itself on tailoring a solution to meet your needs precisely. Typical issues that customers are facing in the entries and thoroughfares of their premises are:

  • Dirt and moisture being walked into the premises by visitors
  • Damage to sensitive floors due to grit or gravel carried into your floors on visitors’ boots
  • Wear to carpets in high traffic areas
  • Existing mats rolling, scrunching, or walking up against obstacles and causing trip hazards
  • Noise issues where the sound of pedestrians can echo and create a disturbance
  • Temperature problems in buildings with hard floors, mats can add a degree of insulating comfort

At AA Matting Solutions we love to solve your problem with the most economical solution available, whether you need a single super plush pile matt to place under your chair (get rid of your dangerous clear plastic chair mat!) as per the picture below or a whole roll of ribbed matting, give AA Group a call.

Entry Matting

AA Matting Solutions also supply a complete range of Coir entrance mats (Coco mats) which are typically cut to size to the recess in your floor. Available in a range of thicknesses13mm, 17mm, 23mm, 28mm and 30mm, our mats are of the highest quality. We can cut to size up to 4m wide and despatch within 48 hours.

AA Matting Solutions has come across some interesting applications of entry mats:

  • One of our customers had an issue with their entrance mat being a trip hazard where it was placed inside their front door. AA Matting supplied a ribbed entrance mat on a rubber backing. This was glued to the outside entrance and has successfully protected the business for over 5 years.
  • A school in the Fairfield area had an issue where a member of staff tripped on an old coir mat which was worn down from many years of traffic. AA Matting replaced over 70 mats with new coir mats. Every recess was measured individually and carefully re-fitted with mats approx. 2mm to 4mm higher than the recess. The school was incredibly happy with the result.

A wide variety of ribbed matting is available. Designed to grip your existing flooring and avoid hazards such as creep.

Coir matting

Coir mats are great in entries where pedestrians come straight in from dirty carparks or roadways.