AA Medical has developed a range of storage solutions for micro slides and paraffin wax blocks. We have also developed specialist storage and display applications over the years; for example, we have made solutions for:

  • Butterfly entomology specimen slides that needed to be stored horizontally
  • Very wide glass slides that needed to be filed flat and held still for soft specimens
  • Filing of unusual objects such as tiny specimen jars

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Lightweight Modular Systems for Glass Slides

AA group laboratory slide and block starage cabinets

Light yet robust, this slide filing system grows with you. With multiple options available such as plinths and lids, this is truly a modular storage system.

  • Each cabinet contains 14 drawers
  • Each draw can hold approximately 400 slides
  • 5,600 slide capacity per cabinet
  • 100mm plinth is available
  • Lid for the top of the stack to protect from dust
  • Static storage, safely stack up to 10 units high

Long-term, Heavy-duty Storage Systems for Glass Slides

AA Group heavy duty system for glass slides

This heavy-duty system is AA Groups proven long-term storage system for glass micro slides. To enable maximum storage in your facility, we manufacture this range as a 30 drawer unit.

  • Each drawer is fully extendable to enable access to all slides
  • Drawers are removable for carrying to a workstation
  • Other configurations are available on request

Storage for Tissue Tech Blocks

AA group tissue tech storage block

AA Group manufactures storage cabinets for Tissue Tech blocks. Tissue Tech blocks are made of paraffin wax and are used to present a section of human tissue in a suitable format for fixing to a microscope slide. Filing and storage of blocks are essential for the preservation of samples.

  • Each drawer holds approx. 11 rows of 55 blocks
  • Two-drawer cabinet = approx. 1210 block capacity
  • Powder-coated finish allows the drawer to slide smoothly
  • Stackable up to 8 high, separate mobile base available