Make wet areas safer with non-slip, anti-fungal Tubular Matting. AA Non-slip Tubular Matting can create a safer, non-skid surface in high-traffic wet areas. The unique tubular construction allows water to flow away freely - while the embossed surface provides enhanced slip resistance. Should you wish to prevent a tripping hazard, the mats can be made with an edge ramp. In addition, all matting is hygienically treated to be anti-fungal and anti-bacterial: essential for barefoot applications.


The flexible mats can conform to any surface and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Common applications include:

  • Pools, spas, baths, and showers.
  • Change rooms, locker rooms and steam rooms.
  • Boats, private jetties, and marinas.
  • Aged care showers and retirement homes.
  • Elevated work platforms.
  • Animal shelters.

AA Group no-skid Tubular Matting is available in either economical Vinyl or durable PVC. Many colours and styles are available (see photo below) and can be cut to any size. As with all our product ranges, AA Matting Solutions would always prefer to speak with you and make sure you get a solution that you will be exceedingly happy with.

Tubular Matting

Case Study 1

AA Group supplied a school who had an area outside of a locker room shower area which was very damp and dangerous. The students’ clothes were also getting damp from falling on the floor. Tubular matting was a great solution because it let the shower water flow freely to the drains (avoiding pooling) and ensured the floor was drier, cleaner, and safer. Teachers, parents, and students were impressed with the outcome.

Case Study 2

AA Group supplied weather and wind resistant tubular matting for a jetty approach ramp. The jetty owner was concerned about public liability and needed a solution that could resist the elements. AA group was able to create a custom-size mat with a welded edge ramp. This slip-resistant matting solution was then able to be fastened by hooks to the jetty.

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